1. A, D, F, Be Mine... er medley - 5:09
        So I’m Off With the Good St. Nicholas Boat (J.Scott Skinner)
        Paddy’s Trip to Scotland (Traditional)
        Dan Galbey’s Reel (Traditional)
        The Star of Munster (A dorian reel)

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano, djembe
                Gordon Belsher - guitar, sound design (bodhrán, bass, drums)

  2. The Great Loxodonta
(Richard Wood) - 4:30

                Richard Wood - fiddle, synth
                Gordon Belsher - guitar, sound design (synth bass, drums, strings)

  3. Colburn’s Delight
(Richard Wood) - 4:11

                Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher fiddle & guitar (live off the floor)
                Natalie Williams Calhoun - cello


  4. Rainy Daze medley - 4:40
        Rainy Daze (Richard Wood)
        Wissahickon Drive Reel (Liz Carroll)
        December 2nd (Ward MacDonald)
        Rachel Rae (John Lowe)

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano
                Skip Holmes - guitar, bouzouki


  5. Ceilidh Funk (Phil Cunningham) 3:03

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano, organ, vocals
                Gordon Belsher - acoustic guitar, sound design (bass, drums)
                Remi Arsenault - electric guitar
                Mike Cowie - trumpet
                Todd MacLean - saxophone

  6. Leaving Stoer (Ivan Drever) - 4:11

                Richard Wood - fiddle
                Gordon Belsher - guitar
                Brad Fremlin - piano


  7. Scottish/Irish/Galician Jig medley - 5:52
        Francis (Bert) MacDonald - (Frances E. [Bert] MacDonald)
        The Box Man - (Liz Carroll)
Choupana - (Xosé Manuel Fernôndez Costas) 

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano, djembe, percussion, hand claps
                Gordon Belsher - guitar, sound design (bodhrán, kick drum)
                Skip Holmes - bouzouki
                Brad Fremlin - snare


  8. Midnight G minor Fantasia (Traditional, arranged by Richard Wood) - 4:28

                Richard Wood - fiddle, synth
                Gordon Belsher - sound design (drone track)
                Teresa Doyle - vocal
                Brad Fremlin - saw


  9. Richard and Faye’s Return medley - 4:02
        Miss Ann Campbell (Dan R. MacDonald)
        Stiffen ‘m Brenda (Howie MacDonald)
        Richard & Faye’s Return (Brenda Stubbert)

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano, djembe, tambourine, spoons
                Gordon Belsher - sound design (bodhrán, bouzouki)
                Remi Arsenault - guitar
                Brad Fremlin - snare


10. Kings Court / The Mute Parrot - 4:04
  (Richard Wood & Courtney Hogan-Chandler/Richard Wood)

                Richard Wood - fiddle, trumpet synth, piano, harpsichord
                Gordon Belsher - sound design (bodhrán, bouzouki, guitar, bass)


11. Finnegan’s Lullaby (Richard Wood) - 4:39

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano
                Gordon Belsher - guitar
                Natalie Williams Calhoun - cello


12. Circle Prologue - 0:34

                Caleb Acorn - vocal and drum

13. Will the Circle be Unbroken - 6:47
  (Traditional, with additional lyrics
    by Faye Williams & Gordon Belsher)

                Richard Wood - fiddle, piano, organ, claps, fingers, tambourine
                Remi Arsenault - guitar, bass
                Gordon Belsher - sound design (drums), vocal
                Todd MacLean - saxophone
                Eddy Quinn - vocal
                Joey Kitson - vocal
                Janet McGarry - vocal
                Serge Bernard - vocal
                Peggy Clinton - vocal
                Kendall Docherty - vocal
                Brady MacDonald - vocal
                Charlene Belsher - vocal
                Jolee Patkai - vocal
                Teresa Doyle - vocal
                Amy Argent - vocal
                Kelley Mooney - vocal
                Jon Matthews - vocal
                Jill Chandler - vocal
                Shelley Montreuil - vocal


Recording Produced by Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher
Engineered and Mixed by Gordon Belsher
    at Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions, PEI
Additional recording:
    Pat Riley - Halifax
    Mike Cowie Music Productions - Halifax
    Serge Bernard - Hilltop Studio, PEI
    Jon Matthews - The Sound Mill, PEI
Mastered by Bob Ludwig - Gateway Mastering, Portland Maine

Graphic Design - Raymond Arsenault
    at TechnoMedia, Charlottetown, PEI
Photography - Lorne Miller
    pixbylorne, Charlottetown, PEI