Richard Wood - Infectious

 For years fiddle music has been referred to as being Infectious. The title of this 6th album, Infectious, originated from an old saying by Winston Scotty Fitzgerald, “ The music, it gets you , it gets in you, ya know!”



1. 5:30 Ferry Bridge
2. 7:25 The B Flat Medley
3. 4:19 Glymur Jig Medley
4. 5:34 My Mother
5. 6:32 Johnny Pringle
6. 4:59 Angus Chisholm’s Jig
7. 8:35 Memories of Bishop MacDonald
8. 2:29 Now And Then
9. 4:45 The White Dove
10. 6:17 O’Leary’s Motorbike
11. 4:49 Infectious



Richard Wood: Fiddles, Keyboards
Skip Holmes: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar & Bouzouki
Kimberley Holmes: Keyboard (Tracks 4, 5, & 6)
Kevin Evans: Sequencing, Vocals & Banjo
Danny Sutherland: Double Bass, Electric Bass
Chalmers Doane: Clarinet (Track 10)
Zack Smith: Percussion
Lisa MacDougall: Keyboard (Track 8 & 10 Dunmore Lassies)
All tunes that are composed by Richard Wood are registered with SOCAN


Produced by: Richard Wood
Co Producers: Skip Holmes & Kevin Evans
Recording Engineer: Kevin Evans
Recorded & Mixed: Train a’ Comin’ Studios
Wellington, NS (902)-860-4137

Special thanks to the following people:
Skip and Kimberley Holmes.
Kevin Evans and all the wonderful musicians.
Jim Bell for the loan of his Bouzouki
Sally Cole Cover Photo.
Blair Sweeney, design and layout at TechnoMedia Inc


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