Richard Wood - Come Dance With Me

Come Dance With Me was Richard Wood's fifth album.


1 - (3:37) - Come Dance With Me (Julie Delaney) (Reel) [Trad Irish Reel]
2 - (8:20) - Scottish March (March) [Trad], Ormond Castle (Strathspey) [R.Wood], Ann McNamara (Strathspey) [Dan R.MacDonald], "A" Minor (Reel) [Trad], The Cambridge Reel (Reel) [R.Wood], Irish Reel (Reel) [Arr- By R.Wood]
3 - (4:52) - Gremlin (Jig) [Brad Fremlin], Dedicato A Veres (Polka) [Trad], Antigonish Polka (Polka) [Trad]
4 - (5:51) - Tranquility (Slow Air) [R.Wood]
5 - (5:25) - Canty Jeanie Munroe (Strathspey) [J.S.Skinner], Miss Lexie Smith (Strathspey) [Dan R.MacDonald], Eugene Stratton (Reel) [J.S.Skinner], Isle Of Skye (Reel) [Trad Scottish], Saratoga Hornpipe (Hornpipe) [Trad]
6 - (5:57) - Too Many Notes (Jig) [ R.Wood], Dunbarton Castle (Jig) [R.Wood], The Expedience (Reel) [R.Wood], The Emerald Isle (Reel) [R.Wood]
7 - (4:58) - "G" Reel (Reel) [Trad Irish], Four AM (Reel) [R.Wood], The Sky Lark (Reel) [James Morrison]
8 - (8:32) - Poinsettia (Clog) [R.Wood], Galway Hornpipe (Hornpipe) [Trad Irish], The Sweeps Hornpipe (Reel) [Trad Irish], Boys Of The Lough (Reel) [Trad Irish], Jock Wilson's Ball (Reel) [Trad Scottish], "A" Reel (Reel) [Trad], Hill Of Tara (Reel) [R.Wood]
9 - (6:40) - Maureen Ennis (Slow Air) [R.Wood]
10 - (5:27) - Tune In "G" (Jig) [Trad], Tune In "G" (Jig) [Trad], Colonel McBain (Reel) [Trad Scottish], Morpeth Rant (Reel) [Trad], Tune In "A" (Reel) [Trad]
11 - (4:22) - Gloomy Winter (Slow Air) [Trad - Arr.R.Wood]



Richard Wood - Fiddle, Piano, Djembe
Brad Fremlin - Piano, Percussions, Synthesizer
Skip Holmes - Acoustic Guitars Banjo
Gordie Belsher - Acoustic Guitar, Bodhran
Jamie Robinson - Electric Guitar
Danny Sutherland - Electric Bass, Upright, Fretless
Tom Roach - Drums, Percussions
Jimmy Faraday - Percussions
Liz Rigney - Vocals
Mike Cowie - Trumpet
Brett Bezanson - Drums
Glenn Coolen - Tin Whistle, Small Pipes
Harold Tsistinas - Strings Synthesizer Arr.
Jamie Robinson - Synthesizer drumsequencing arrangement on Julie Delancy and Gloomy Winter.
All tunes that are composed by Richard Wood are registered with SOCAN



Produced by Richard Wood
Co Producers - Skip Holmes and Harold Tsistinas
Recording Engineer - Harold Tsistinas
Produced and Mixed at Solar Audio, Halifax N.S.
Photography by Rick Dempsey, Charlottetown P.E.I.
CD Design & Layout - TechnoMedia Inc., Charlottetown, P.E.I.


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