Richard Wood - The Celtic Touch

" The Celtic Touch" is a combination of traditional fiddle tunes and a number of compositions I wrote a few years earlier. I was inspired to compose the title track while in Scotland, traveling through the countryside."


This album is living proof of the revival of Celtic music. Anyone who has seen Richard perform knows his foot. Holding the fiddle body and bow almost vertical, his upper body melts into the instrument while his step dancer legs pound out the Rodham. The Celtic touch album has been referred to as "a highly recommended album" by Gord Fish, Regina, Saskatchewan.



1 - (5:01)     Trip to the Doryman - Jig, Traditional
Jig - Jig, Traditional
Jig - Jig, Traditional
Two Name Jig - Jig, K. Beaton
Jig - Jig, Traditional
2 - (5:06)     The Bell Piano - Strathspey, D.H. MacEachern
Dusky Meadow - Strathspey, Traditional
Reel - Reel, Traditional
Reel - Reel, Traditional
Contraction - Reel, Traditional
3 - (4:05)     The Celtic Touch - Lament, Richard Wood
4 - (4:32)     Jig - Jig, Traditional
Jig - Jig, Traditional
Fill Up The Set - Jig, Richard Wood
Johnny's Favourite - Jig, Traditional
5 - (5:10)     Plains of Boyle - Clog, Traditional
Pipe Reel - Jig, Traditional
Newbury Reel - Reel, Richard Wood
Wolftrap Reel - Reel, Richard Wood
6 - (4:15)     Struan Robertson's Rant - Strathspey, Traditional
Charlie Hardie - Reel, J.S. Skinner
As Athaiseach - Reel, Traditional
Travelling West - Reel, Richard Wood
The Twister - Reel, Richard Wood
7 - (2:59)     Fisherman's - Jig, Richard Wood
Schoonmakers - Jig, Richard Wood
Callers - Jig, Richard Wood
8 - (3:20)     Memory of Dot MacKinnon - Lament, Richard Wood
9 - (4:20)     Clog - Clog, Traditional
Democratic Rage - Reel, Traditional
Juniata - Hornpipe, A. Pushee
Scottish Strings - Reel, Richard Wood
10 - (5:51)     Dainty Davie - Strathspey, Traditional
Strathspey - Strathspey, Traditional
Reel - Reel, Traditional
Alex (Sandy) F. Skinner - Reel, J.M. Henderson
Reel - Reel, Traditional
11 - (5:26)     Our Highland Queen - Slow Air, J.S. Skinner
Cape Tormentine - Reel, Richard Wood
My Brother's Letter - Reel, V. MacLellan
Crow Bush - Reel, Richard Wood
12 - (4:59)     Paresis - Reel, Traditional
The Night We Had The Goat - Reel, Traditional
Irish Reel - Reel, Traditional
Celtic Rhapsody - Reel, Richard Wood



Richard Wood - Fiddle, Piano
Skip Holmes - Acoustic Guitar, Bazooki
Kimberley Holmes - Electric Piano, Piano Synthesizer
Dave MacIsaac - Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar
Greg Simm - Bass Guitar
Maurice Nadeau - Drums



Produced by Richard Wood, Skip Holmes & Kimberley Holmes
Recording Engineer - Harold Tsistinas
Recorded and Mixed at Solar Audio, Halifax, N.S.
Photography by - Wayne Barrett, New Haven, P.E.I.
CD Design & Layout - TechnoMedia Inc., Charlottetown, P.E.I.

"Special thanks to my backup musicians who did a super job on this recording. Doug MacPhee for research. Sincere thanks to Skip & Kimberley Holmes who have assisted on all my albums. To dedicated fans, family and friends for support and encouragement, especially Mom & Dad."


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