Faye & Richard WOOD Establish New Fiddle Scholarship Award

Richard Wood Establishes New Fiddle Scholarship with College of Piping

Summerside, PEI – Faye and Richard Wood have established a new award to support the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada’s fiddle program.  The award will be presented annually to a continuing College of Piping fiddle student by the couple, and will cover the cost of their tuition for weekly lessons for the following year.  The award will recognize work ethic and dedication, a positive mindset, and future potential.

Wood played many performances at the College of Piping as his career took off, and he and partner Faye wanted to give back and show support for the next generation of fiddlers: ”We are so very grateful for the work the College of Piping does to preserve traditional Celtic music and dance in our province and we are so honoured to be able to contribute to the future of Prince Edward Island fiddle music.” Karine Gallant, the College’s fiddle instructor’s first words when she heard of the award, were, “This rocks, Faye and Richard!” 

The first award will be announced in June, 2021, at the Year End Recital, marking the end of the College’s standard teaching season.  Faye and Richard Wood will be presenting the award in person, along with Gallant. 


The first annual award went to fiddle student, Samuel Stretch.